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Karen Smith

Head Coach - Karen Smith

Karen Smith has been Denturist in Westlock for the last 19 years, she has mentored and trained numerous staff and students at my clinic in that time. She has been a part of SAS executive for 3 years in the Communications position and been involved with this club since 2014 when one of her daughters started her interest in volleyball.
She helped run practices and drills four years ago for the U15 women group which grew a keen interest in Karen to want to coach get into coaching back in 2018 starting with coaching our U13 women team in 2019. Karen has played numerous competitive sports in her life including volleyball, golf, fastball, slow pitch, downhill skiing and club badminton. Volleyball has become a true passion for her whole family. Karen is currently working on her Developmental Coach certificate (Level1).
She hopes throughout the season to help young players reach their full potential and feel confident and positive about their club volleyball experience. She is looking forward to a great year!


Recent U16 WOMEN WHITE News

Alberta is taking action to protect Albertans against the highly transmissible Omicron variant

Alberta is taking action to protect Albertans against the highly transmissible Omicron variant by ramping up health system capacity, providing free rapid test kits, expanding vaccine boosters, clarifying indoor social gathering limits, and decreasing capacity in large venues.

Albertans are asked to reduce their number of contacts by half, limit unrestricted activities where there is a high risk of transmission, and observe all public health measures over the holidays to help slow the spread.

Businesses participating in the Restrictions Exemption Program can operate with less restrictions if they require patrons 12 and over to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative test result. New measures come into effect December 24 at 12:01am.

Read Dr. Hinshaw's tips for celebrating safely this holiday season.


Youth (under 18) sport, fitness and performance activities

Indoor group classes, training, and competitions are permitted, but participants are required to:

  • screen for symptoms
  • maintain 2 metres distancing, except youth while engaged in physical activity
  • wear a mask, except youth while engaged in physical activity

Spectator attendance is restricted to 1/3 fire code capacity, attendees are limited to a single household or 2 close contact if living alone and must be masked and maintain 2 metres physical distancing.

Outdoor activities can continue with no restrictions.

Event Vaccine Policy

By Volleyball Alberta 11/25/2021, 4:45pm MST

Volleyball Alberta has adopted an Event Vaccine Policy for our 2022 events.

After an extensive analysis, including legal consultation and insurance review, Volleyball Alberta has adopted an Event Vaccine Policy for our 2022 events.

We understand and appreciate there are multiple perspectives regarding vaccinations and respect the passion that individuals have for our sport.

Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, Volleyball Alberta will regularly review and modify our health and safety protocols as deemed necessary.

As our previously posted vaccine stance has resulted in a lot of feedback, we want to expand upon the process that we go through when requesting facilities.

Facility access has always been a challenge.  To accept all interested teams for our indoor club events, Volleyball Alberta can utilize over fifty courts per tournament weekend. Even with this extensive access, we often needed to operate during extended hours at these venues to complete the necessary matches.

The pandemic has placed additional strains on facility access as a number of venues are not renting to outside user groups.

In addition to the large volume of courts we require, we also take a number of factors into consideration including: 

  • Quality of the facilities (court size, equipment quality, roof height, spectator seating, and crush space)
  • Facility rental costs
  • Location of facilities
  • The number of courts per facility. Facilities that have multiple quality courts provide an improved tournament experience as they:
    - Permit movement of teams between courts, allowing for shorter days with less travel.
    - Provide more athletes with access to athletic therapy services.
    - May have additional services on site (food).
    - Create additional opportunities for referee support and development.
    - Reduce support staff requirements.

Due to the intricate nature of tournament and program design, we cannot accommodate requests for individuals or teams to participate in specific venues.

The University of Alberta currently has more restrictive entry requirements than VA, as they do not accept negative testing (except for medically exempt individuals).  As the Edmonton area has very limited facility access,  the U of A facilities (Up to 18 courts per weekend = Saville Community Sport Centre, Main Gym, Education Gym, East Gym) are required to facilitate the size and scope of our events.  

We understand that our staff will continue to receive feedback about our Event Vaccination Policy.  We commit to reading every email!  However, due to the incredible volume of feedback, we do not have the capacity to reply to each message.

Please continue to treat each other with respect and kindness.