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Conditions of use

It is our policy to ensure we abide by all the following conditions when using facilities that are allocated to us for practices and events.

Conditions of Use
1. Smoking is prohibited.
2. Muddy and wet footwear must be removed when entering schools.
3. No one is permitted to take any alcoholic beverage into a school.
4. Our Group must remain in the area of the school designated for their use and must not wander around the building.
5. Each team using the school must have a responsible supervisor in charge.
    a) Door supervision while their participants are coming into or leaving the school. After a 15-minute time lapse, the doors
will be locked. There is a buzzer at most schools that can be used to gain access once the doors have been locked.
    b) Reporting to the school custodian at the beginning and end of each period of facility use.
    c) Any loss or damage to school property cause by us.
    d) Clean up of the equipment used and to ensure we leave the school in the same manner that it was found.
    e) Supervision is required at all times. If we leave the school for a period, a member must stay behind to supervise the open building.
6. User Group must not make use of equipment or supplies without prior approval. Use of equipment may be subject to additional fees.
7. No food or soft drinks allowed in the gymnasium. Food or soft drinks may only be consumed in an area of the school set
aside for that purpose.
8. When using gymnasium we must wear running shoes that are non-marking. Street shoes are not permitted.
9. Furniture and equipment must be returned to its proper location after use.
10. School facilities will not be available on the Saturday of a statutory holiday weekend.
11. Saturday "no shows" will be charged. Please note: "a minimum 24 hour cancellation notice is required in order to notify the
12. At any time User Group may be barred from the use of School space if the User Group:
    a) failed to pay fees levied by the City or a Board with respect to use of School space;
    b) failed to provide required insurance;
    c) failed to pay for damages which occurred during the group's prior use of School space; or
    d) conduct during use of School space is, in the opinion of the principal, manager or Facility Scheduling Coordinator
inappropriate or such that damage to the School space is probable.
13. Use of School space may be cancelled at anytime by the School principal. The principal shall provide as much notice as
reasonably possible to the Facility Scheduling Coordinator of the cancellation.
NOTICE: Schools climbing walls are not available to the general public and are not to be used without permission. Any group
not abiding by this regulation may have their bookings cancelled. Safety is a big concern.


Albert Lacombe Catholic School

50 Gainsborough Ave, St. Albert, AB T8N 0W5

Bellerose Composite School

49 Giroux Rd, St. Albert, AB T8N 6N4

École Alexandre-Taché School

30 Erin Ridge Dr, St. Albert, AB T8N 5S5

École La Mission School

46 Heritage Dr, St. Albert, AB T8N 7J5

École Marie Poburan School

100 Sir Winston Churchill Ave, St. Albert, AB T8N 5Y2

École Secondaire Sainte Marguerite d'Youville School (ESSMY)

51 Boudreau Road St., St. Albert, AB T8N 6B7

Elmer S Gish School

75 Akins Dr, St. Albert, AB T8N 3A5

J. J. Nearing Catholic School

196 Deer Ridge Dr, St. Albert, AB T8N 6T6

Keenooshayo School

40 Woodlands Rd, St. Albert, AB T8N 3X3

Neil M Ross School

60 Woodlands Rd, St. Albert, AB T8N 3X3

Paul Kane School

12 Cunningham Rd, St. Albert, AB T8N 2E9

Richard S. Fowler Catholic Jr High School

65 Sir Winston Churchill Ave, St. Albert, AB T8N 0G5

Servus Credit Union Place

400 Campbell Rd, St. Albert, AB T8N 0R8

Sir Alexander Mackenzie School

61 Sir Winston Churchill Ave, St. Albert, AB T8N 0G5


50 Grosvenor Blvd, St. Albert, AB T8N 0X6

Vital Grandin School

39 Sunset Boulevard, St. Albert, AB T8N 0N6